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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Aussie man Barry

Yesterday late - I wanted to log off - my Aussie friend Barry came inworld. Yeah our time difference is a challenge indeed. We met a few weeks ago (what is time in SL?) at Avillion on a Sunday. He was such a gentleman and very politely, asked me to dance. He looked a bit noobish then, but his charm and wit compensated.
Then a few days later I received an IM from him in which he told me he had joined Gor to because a warrior. He was in training and loved the RP, the fighting. He was surprised by all the girls/slaves that were at his feet, they all told him he was so kind. Well I was not surprised. Lot of guys in Gor are assholes (not all though - having my friend Morten in mind) who like to dominate females for all the wrong reasons.

I told Barry I could come to Gor and become his slave now and then, as I am always interested in exploring new worlds. We IM-ed a lot and he told me about his RL and the things happening to him in Gor, the cartoon f*s, as he called them, with female victims of fights ('that's part of the RP hon').

He kept his promiss and this weekend he tp-ed me to Gor. He showed me around. OMG how annoyed I got from all the long sentences, the silly emoting. Pffff, no patience to read all the crap. Sorry Gor RP-ers but Dido is far to impatient for that.
Yesterday Barry told me he had a slave. He asked to see me and I tp-ed him to Thassa. Arriving on the slave ship in Thassa he got caged, but managed to escape and join me.
We ended up in a tent with a bath and lots of massage balls where I took these steamy pics ;-) 

Dikke kus

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