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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Halloween parties

So many halloween gifts these lasts weeks, my invent is growing rapidly. I really have to clean and throw away stuff.
With so many Halloween clothes I had to go to a Halloween party and show off. So I started at the Halloween party at club J.A.G. and guess what I won their Halloween contest for best looking avi (shared first price). Club J.A.G. has many more contests and events coming up.
Today and tomorrow (2 & 3 November) I will be hosting from 2-3 SLT: do come and dance with me and enjoy the live DJ performing.

pics take at Wave

trying the FilterCam hud ;-) need some more practice

After the party was over I, accompanied by my US friend Greg, went to The Wave at Key West (former club Hot Sax). When we arrived at the site, we did not see anybody although lots of activity was shown on the map. Arghhh they had constructed a complete grave yard in a skybox. There was live music and contests. Greg my friend from US had changed into a grey halloween outfit, looking weirdo and I was dressed as the 'Bride of Lost Souls'. We had fun.
Liz always manages to have such a nice group of people around her who are there almost every afternoon/evening. Very friendly, always live DJ's and nice music.

It was late when I left. Greg, who is suffering RL from flu, felt a bit better he told me ;-)
Dikke kus

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