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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Raiders of the lost arc

Yesterday I worked at club J.A.G. with DJ Pietertje. That was great fun!
I am hosting there now (almost) every Tuesday evening from 1-3 SLT. So if you read this come and join me.

After 2 SLT more and more people came, among them my dear friend JulienSorel. Awww was so good to see him. We go back such a long SL time together. I took a few nice pics of us dancing. Julien looking awesome as always ;-)

After closing time Julien and I we went to explore a bit more of the Egyptian tomb (see my blog 'Tomb raider Dido').

Many more difficult pits with snakes, spiders, burning fire to cross. We had so much fun falling into the pits, being eaten by snakes. But in the end we managed to reach the inner center; the tomb  of Tutanchamon.

Dikke kus

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