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Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Yesterday Sparks read my blog. He was astonished by all the guys in there, but hardly any Sparks. Sure, I mentioned him as my pimp advisor and as chicken killer, but mmm that's not an image he liked 'a chicken killer pimp'. I had so much fun, tears running from my RL face.
However, came to think of it he is right there are so many men in my blogs and my oldest and dearest SL friend is not there. I decided to write a long entry about him, well here it is:

Where shall I begin to tell you about my friend Sparks? Mmm, a long long story... well lets start at the beginning: our meeting at former club Hot Sax end of July 2008. I asked him to dance and he answered 'you are all grey on my screen, so how do I know I won't be sorry?'.
I answered he wouldn't be. We danced and met later the same day when he helped me looking for animations at Bits and Bobs. Of course we ended up testing the new love balls ... and of course I took him to my place (the greenhouse, I rented from Freda). Hey this is SL ..

Must have been a few days later he took me out for a dance (see pic - sorry for bad quality).
In that period I moved out of the greenhouse to my own appartment in SL, which had a steambath on top. I took this pic of Sparks in my bath.

At that time Sparks was staying in Asia (RL speaking) for a project, it was difficult to see eachother due to the time difference, but we chatted in gchat. Sometimes RP, but more and more RL stuff: we talked about work, culture, food, exchanged recipes as he loves cooking.
After a while when he was back in Europe we saw a lot more of eachother and became good friends.

love this picture of Sparks and me

 my rezzday he said 'you shouldn't be alone' and danced with me at my island

Recently, being a host at club J.A.G., Sparks has become my music advisor, my dance partner, my friend whom I can tell everything. I trust him and ask him for advise about lots of things from escorting, to choice of music, to RL things like recipes, a visit to London, etc

I really appreciated his long email with so much usefull info for a weekend in London. Super!

So from a brief affair to a RL friend, that's our story.
Love you dearly Sparks, hope we always be friends SL and RL!

Dikke kus

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