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Thursday, 12 November 2009

DIAPOP 'mijn zwarte trui'

Last week my friend Ner (do read her awesome blog entries on The SL Fashionista)  tp-ed me to DIAPOP, a shop of a Dutch designer (makes us feel good, being Dutch ourselves). We walked around and among other things we both bought the black sweater 'mijn zwarte trui', for 1 L$. Awesome!
Ner decided not to blog and I did not have in mind to do so either.

However, I noticed that these last days I wear this comfi black wool sweater a lot. Must be the RL change of weather here in Holland: rain, grey skys, cold ...
Mijn zwarte trui comes in different layers and with prims. It has nice texture, I love the shawl collar and the big buttons on the sleeves.

Dikke kus

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