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Saturday, 25 September 2010

A bit of O...

And now for something completely different .... (smiles)

A lazy Saturday afternoon in SL (raining in RL) and me visiting an 'O' place,  based on histoire d'O (the French story of the slave 'O'). Where I met guys that like to dominate girls and girls that like to be dominated. 
I had great fun and yeah I learned about this experience, as I always do.
Shoot some pics of me and my master of the moment - whom I met there -, sitting on his lap in the library. Other pic showing visitors of the place. Nice books don't you think. Lot of wisdom there, must be ... ;-)

What did I learn, .... let me shut my big mouth coz I like to return for further exploration. Definitely an interesting place to enjoy.

Dikke kus

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