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Friday, 3 September 2010

MINA at the Hair Fair

MINA sent me fatpacks of her new hairs, that will be for sale at her booth at the upcoming Hair Fair. This year's Hair Fair will be from 4-19 September and Wigs for Kids is the charity of choice. MINA offers several Charity items as well as a special gift for all who visit her booth. 

Alana charcoal, MINA hair fair gift

To prevent lag as much as possible the builder, who is also the sponsor, set up two lots of two on the four available sims. Another way to combat lag this year is the demo group that is up (Hair Fair Demo Group), which is the inworld group all of the designers will be sending their demos to. More info? Read the Hairfair wordpress info.

My MINA favourites are: 
Carice (I bet Mina named this hair after the famous Dutch actress Carice van Houten), a long flexi hair which comes with a separate (!) hat. The hat has a prim menu to adjust/change scale and texture. There are 9 texture options for the hat itself, as well as for the ribbon. Luv it

Carice with scripted hat

and Thulani, which is a flexible curly updo with a texture changing sort of bandana. Fun hair and.... it's unisex so you and your BF can show up at that beach party wearing the same hair ;-)


I bet you are dying to visit MINA's booth by now, collect your gift and buy other (charity) hairs. Have a nice weekend!

Taxi to MINA's booth at the Hair Fair. 
Dikke kus

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