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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Sculpted JoSje

Now here is a skin that is really love at first sight coz it fits my avi so well. Wearing JoSje skin, a Dutch Touch preview skin and VIP Group gift only (join fee 250 L). Thanks Iki you are so generous. 

The attached notecard gave the following info, which made JoSje even more sympathetic: 'This face is of a girl who doesn't show any interest in winning a beauty queen contest. She is just another girl next door, cute, a bit cheeky and clever. A natural blond with common sense'. 

Sculpted me coz I wear part of the new tube top/dress of Fishy Strawberry - which can be bought at The Dressing Room (new collection is out) - and combined it with COCO's high waisted bubble skirt (polka dot). .
I love this look, but mmm hey guys don't derender me .....
Dikke kus

Tube Top Parade for TDR
Top (longer and shorter version) comes in grey and dust blue for 60 L$

Fri.day hair Tatum scronful red
Poetic Color Eyes Easter lilac
Exodi eyelashes
Dark Mouse chocolate sparkles earrings
League Ella stockings 
XTC Shirley lace gloves

JoSje Caramel EyeLiner EBBlond Freckles CL2

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