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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Phoenix rising from the Emerald grave

Yesterday I received the following email from Linden Lab, which pissed me off. Blergh I like the Emerald Viewer and hate politics and power play. 

Dear Second Life Resident,

As of 10am PT Wednesday, September 8, the Emerald Viewer will be blocked from logging in to Second Life as a result of violations of our Policy on Third Party Viewers. Residents who have been using any version of the Emerald Viewer will need to use a different Viewer to access Second Life.
You can download the official Second Life Viewer, developed by Linden Lab, here.
Or, you can learn more about alternative Viewers, developed by third parties, here.
Please be aware that attempting to circumvent our blocking to access Second Life with a banned Viewer is a violation of the Policy on Third Party Viewers and may result in the loss of one's account. For more information, please read the blog post.

Joe Linden
VP, Platform & Technology Development

My initial reaction was to kick ass and I placed a pissed of blog. However, (me/ sighs) after a (too short) but good night sleep I realized this is life: changing all the time, things come and go. Yep, Second Life is no different from Real Life, although I want it to be. The perfect fantasy/dream world in which everybody can be what she/he wants and do whatever she/he wants.

Jule Lemondrop, an SL friend and fellow blogger (visit her awesome blog Lemondrop), who read my initial pissed of blog item and IM-ed me mentioning  the Phoenix viewer.
I downloaded the Phoenix viewer, which is more or less the same as Emerald, being developed by a former Emerald scripter who created a new team.
Thanks Jule I appreciate your help. Please forgive me for not being in the best of moods yesterday night.

(Second) Life goes on and if we wanna stay here we do too: Phoenix rising from the Emerald grave.
Or maybe there will be a new virtual sort of SL game in the near future, who knows time will tell.

* * * * * * * *

However, now (Wednesday my afternoon, which is GMT +1) after reading the blog item of Arabella Steadham, communications manager Emerald on the Emerald Forum I believe my initial gut feeling wasn't so wrong. Damn it's all politics and ego powerplay!

It's a long but interesting letter, I encourage you all to read it and then make up your mind. After all one should always listen to both sides of a story before judging! 

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  1. Goede tip Dido (die je kreeg via Jule), de Phoenix viewer heeft ook de mooie features van Emerald. Grt. Michiel

  2. Yep, ikke ook blij mee. Maar het hele circus rond de ondergang van Emerald heeft vieze nasmaak. Hopelijk waait dat gevoel over.
    Dikke kus