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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Soul Divas Isolde and Delora

I felt showered with gifts today when I received the Magika Delora hair in 5 color packs. All color packs (blond, brown, red, B&W and colors) include a mirrored version of the Delora hair and.... a HUD. Arghhh, I love this hud, it allows me to choose the color of my choice, take some hair into my mouth (big smile) and color part of my hair in a different shade.  
Moreover this solution saves a lot of space in my invent. 

The next (group)gift I received was Exodi Isolde skin-17 in all tones. It comes with eyelashes and in several options: Dark/Light Freckles, Cleavage AND V2 compatible underlayer hairbases in 4 colors. Awww love this!
Joining fee is 250 L$ for which you will receive Exodi GG every month as well as a membership discount of 10% on any skin.

Exodi Isolde Vivante- 17 skin
Magika Delora hair blond  

Cardigan: Soul Divas Gray Bliss and believe it or not ... it's a freebie! 
As are the Gray Bliss flat boots I am wearing. Now this really is an awesome freebie so here is your taxi to Soul Divas. 

From my invent:
Skirt: part of RunoRuno silk dress medium
Socks: LeeZu Baxter PunkStockings blue stripes
Gloves: XTC Shirtley lace glove

Dikke kus

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