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Friday, 10 December 2010

Santa's Helper (LaVie Advent Calender #9)

Today I fetched the LaVie Calender gift number 9 'Santa's helper outfit. Pff how green can you get ;-)
Wearing only part of the total outfit that comes with big green shoes, big ears, a skin, scarf, hat and a yum yum.

Dikke kus

YunA'sHAIR [YH]-22 brown 02
L.Fauna dimples freckles
PC eyes easter lilac
Tuli Claire brunette
Dark Mouse chocolate sparkles earringgs
LaVie Advent Calender 2010 #9 Santa's helper (part of it)
PeppermintBlue Pawswalker tartangreen sneakers
MS FlapJack scarf - sage 

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