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Friday, 24 December 2010

Zaara sweaters and a bottle....

Yesterday my friend Kooky showed me the Abranimations Mocap Drunk AO, which is a Xmas gift and comes with drunk AO and Bottle of wine with drink animation. Is too funny and I had so much fun wearing it. It looks sooo real.

Anyway I decided to blog the awesome Xmas gift of Zaara: a sweater male and female, in resp. green and red. Zaara makes awesome clothes so yeah also these nice sweaters fit super, they come with a collar/shawl and sleeve prims.  
Of course I had to adjust the sleeves of the male one a bit, but I do wanna show you coz it's a super sweater. I love the wrinkles, aww they both look so real. Thanks Zaara for your kind gift!

Wearing also a Xmas gift I picked up at the Rumor sim: the CiCo Uggs powdered, wow they are cute and fit super.

LaVie Advent Calender 2010 #20 Crazy for Christmas pants in green and red
LAQ Vilda Xmas gift Glow skin in Fair Blonde 
Maitreya Lauren hair in Charcoal
Kosh Bendy nail bracelet
The Rock - caLLie cLine red diamant ring
Dikke kus

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