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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Happy holidays

After returning from my super RL birthday trip to Lisbon and Barcelona I logged into SL and have been soo busy with downloading new viewers, hunting/unpacking Xmas gifts and many more useless things. Yeah sooo many Xmas and hunt gifts .... //me sighs. Some are really awesome, some are crap but hey they're gifts right.

And then there are the many SL holiday greeting cards from friends I received, (hugs, thx so much!), buy presents, pack them and make a holiday greeting myself. Well here it is, I posted it last nite: snowqueen Dido (wearing part of LaVie Advent Calender gift #15)  
Wish you all my dear readers a merry Xmas (don't eat too much and no furry animals like rabbits coz they are too cute) and a smashing, happy, healthy, wealthy 2011!

Dikke kus

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