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Friday, 31 December 2010

Vows on the edge of 2010

Last night at 21.00 GMT was the moment for Cat and Petrov; their SL marriage. I was invited and after major SL trouble in which I appeared as a noob on my laptop screen 30 minutes before the ceremony started... arghhhhh, I managed to be at the venue just in time wearing all parts of my fancy Gingko LeeZu dress. immediately took out my camera  and started taking pictures. I had too little time to adjust the light settings but pff at least all people present had rezzed.

Of course there was the ubiquitous lag, but hey who cares as long as the atmosphere is ok, which it was. 
Cat is a beautiful bride in her lovely Son!a Luxury Fashion dress. I loved the lace bodice, so nicely made. Notice the bridal bouquet of white and pink roses: the work of Cerberus of G*Field, she makes the best roses in SL!
Petrov is wearing the awesome suit and shoes of Redgrave. Doesn't he look handsome after his remake? 

Andy accompanied me to the wedding. He looks smashing in his suit, which he was able to find somewhere tucked away in his 3,5 (or is it 4?) years old closet. Although finding appropriate shoes was even more difficult as they were all still boxed. 

Walking together in SL ain't always easy.....

As Andy said: "This had all the trappings of a real world wedding and more.....like the lag effect that propelled the groom down the aisle ahead of his bride....and then left him stumbling over the flower decorations".  

dancing the night away
Wish you lots of happiness Cat and Petrov.
And to all who read this blog entry a SUPER 2011!
Dikke kus


  1. We had an awesome evening, thank for making us the stars of your blog Dido. Great pics. Kiss

  2. have a great and lovefull 2011 Dido! Thanks for taking picks for me, Petrov asked me to take them, but he was left all grey all evening!!

  3. Dear DIDO, thank you so much for helping us before, during and after our wedding. We are so happy with a friend like you and making this wonderful overview about the most special event of our sl life. DIDO dikke kus.

  4. Wow thanks all for your warm comments!
    Dikke kus and a wonderful 2011