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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Catching up: the Essence(s) of Oedipus

Awww I really really like this close up photo of my face wearing Oedipus one of Plastik Soul Ink facial tattoos (GroupGift). Vae (Aikea Reiko) is renovating/updating her shop/collection and this is her gift to her group. The pack contains loads of awesome facial tattoos. Joining The Plastik group is free.

Furthermore wearing the body co skin Summer & another Truth mesh hair from the 30 June release called Kadence (w/roots quince). /me wonders how Truth does it.. creating lovely hairs every (other) week.
Eyes of course Mayfly Liquid Light mesh eyes Rainshower Shadow

Also NEW are these uber cute .essences PST! jeans: no mesh for a change but always great fitting pants/underpants and coat layer. I like these naughty shorts look at my ass lol. PST! jeans come in 5 colors. Thankies Inka for giving me the bloggers review pack. Hugs!

The Sabrina belt is from Amarelo Manga. I blogged this belt before, it's nicely made with great textures and a resize/color chainging menu.
The unbuttoned top is from Piccara  and the black biker gloves are from TonkTastic
Body tattoo: Voices is also from Plastik and the necklace is Finesmith Touches of heart (Valentine item)

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