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Friday, 20 July 2012

Hair Fair at last

Clawtooth mesh hair

MINA hair

Hair from the Hair Fair:

MINA hair Anouk: a lot of non mesh hair that swings around your body
Anouk is long and wild and when I am not mistaken Mina named this hair after the famous Dutch rock singer Anouk ^^

The hair in the first photo is from Clawtooth and called 'Going Steady'. I am wearing the color with the cute name 'girl next door'. This is mesh hair and moves smoothly with my body a characteristic of mesh hair I truly love.

Outfit: MichaMi Lulu in brown
Slink womens natural barefeet mesh rigged
poses used: Elymode daydreaming at night

dikke kus

photos taken at Nitroglobus Labs my home


  1. Love these pictures. So relaxed and fun. The hairs look wonderful too

  2. hey thx Kooky, yeah relaxing in my home garden in SL ^^

  3. Blowing a kiss to this lovely girl