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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Welcome back Kellie!

Not really NEW is the Graffitiwear Brown X top; their June Subscriber Gift.  I have always liked these kind of wrapped tops.
In my mouth free XO mouth cherries (thx Gitu!)
Oh and I am wearing red nails YEAH finally I polished them ^^; wearing Hot Stuff don't Trust me Red nails (Vanity Fair exclusive item)

This lovely rigged mesh blazer in emerald is called Natalie and it's from Elate. Yep Kellie is back in SL. She mentions in her NC that she finished her chemo and her cancer is gone. Hurray that's super news! Hugs Kelly. 
This green blazer, last Friday's FLF item, is her first rigged mesh item, which comes in tweed as well as in green and white. It's lovely and fits my avi really well. Glad you are back Kelly, I bet there will follow many more Elate mesh items in the near future. 

From my closet:
AMD Atomic micro skirt with Vodoo belt
SEY N.B.scarf & necklace black
Elikateria abbey hair in red 04
The body co. Summer skin

Finally very very NEW are the Mayfly Liquid Light mesh eyes Rising Spring. Wow fierce green but I luv them!

dikke kus

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  1. Well done! Your pics are getting more and more beautiful and I love these eyes (^_^)!