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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

February various

SYSY's mesh top and pants 

LaVie Meimei skin (no. 4 H), the Valentine female/Rezzday GG: lips are nice but I am no lipstick addict in SL (I am in RL though), skin color and texture I like, however the tits are not detailed enough for my taste: hardly any nipples. But hey it's a gift ^^ 

KaKia Designs: great texture and colors
Wearing cool newish items that all had to wait too long in my closet to be blogged:

Two great mesh clothes of SYSY's matching well together: the Aquariustop in coffee & the Rayures pants in chocolate. They come in many colors.

I didn't know Kakia Designs until I received this bloggers review item. I love this mesh Bossy boatneck cropped sweater. I am wearing the Lavender one, although the grey and red ones are super too. Nice warm colors and textures.

Pose used: ILAYA kneel pose
Hair: Truth hair Kenzie, which I blogged before in champagne. Luv this hair.

dikke kus

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