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Sunday, 3 February 2013

TIS 5 yrs Elate, Laurie and Machelle

Phew it's been a while since I blogged. Therefore a lot of new items in this blog post, featuring Lex, our DJ who performs at the opening parties of Nitroglobus gallery. 
Lex and I we went exploring the hybrid dancing ball at TIS (There in Spirit), f.k.a. DevShack that has been in SL since 2007 and specializes in club equipment and motion capture animations. It's a dancing ball that combines couple, male and female dances.

Wearing my newly acquired Elate! mesh Natalie blazer in charcoal, which I bought at the SALE at Elate! Reason: Kellie her shop exists 5 years! Wow, chapeau for Kellie coz that is a long time. I remember discovering her former little shop long long ago and buying almost all the items coz they were soo cool. Congrats Kellie!

The other new item shown here is my Truth mesh hair Laurie, which is one of Truth LAST weeks new hairs (sorry Truth I am slow). Luv it! It's definitely my fave of last weeks hairs.

The last new item shown is the DS (Dulce Secrets) skin Machelle in Bitter.Bare, which is a bloggers review item of AnneAlyce Maertens (mmm sounds Belgian to me). I like this skin; it does give me a bit of a sulky expression, but hey that's cooool ^^ 
Machelle comes in many cool skin colours. Thanks AnneAlyce!

Lex is wearing a new shirt: the Kal Rau Casual Shirt_Striped M4. I like Kal Rau they make awesome stuff for guys.

Well that's it for now ^^
dikke kus

Aww lemme give you a song to conclude the weekend: Alicia Keys with Girl on Fire ^^

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