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Wednesday 15 January 2014

Maitreya at Collabor88

Presenting you Maitreya Vintage lace mesh gown, which I also bought last weekend at Collabor88. Actually this outfit consists of two gowns, you wear both at the same time: a smooth tight long corset dress and a lace dress, which has a large split on one leg. 
Of course you can choose to wear only the corset dress with alpha layer OR only the see through lace one, without alpha but with lingerie.  

I bet within a few days half SL will be walking around in this awesome dress, which fits me super btw, coz hey Who doesn't like Maitreya items?

dikke kus

I give you a song I love muchly: Eva Cassidy singing Time after Time. SUPER!

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  1. Going to get one of those lacy gowns! Change my image a bit!