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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tourists at Opening party

The photo above gives an overview of a part of the exhibition 'Tourist in Anothers Reality' at Nitroglobus gallery during the months of January and February 2014.

And showing a LOT of snapshots I took at the Opening party last Friday, 24 January at our gallery. Theme was dress as a tourist, which many did. Fun, fun, fun!

dikke kus

Isa & Serene the exhibitors
Nitro and I dressed as tourists, wow looking cool

Amona and Angel

details of Isa her awesome outfit

Captain and his Bianca, always looking smart 

one of ColdFrogs crazy avi's 

Mr. Paparazzio Arno dancing

Former exhibitors: Mr. and Mrs. B (Burk Bode & Maloe Vansant) and ColdFrog in another crazy avi

WuWai with a backpack

former exhibitor Yoko