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Monday, 13 January 2014


Swallow Papillon

It's not that often that I blog about SL jewelry. Reason: I am lazy and seldom change my earrings, nor my Mandala bracelets, which btw I wear all the time coz they are necessary when wearing mesh hands. 
Therefore unique this post about necklaces, some FREE gifts for Group members ^^

The first photo on top of this post shows Papillon Black and Bordeaux from Swallow (The Dresing Room 10 January 2014). It comes in 4 different options: black spyke gold, and silver & bordeaux spyke gold, and silver. It's cute, luv it! 

The other three necklaces are all FREE (yeah!) and really awesome Pure Poison Group Gifts! You find all Pure Poison GG in front of their store. You have to join the group of course which is not free (100 L$), but worth it for sure. Here's your taxi 

That's it for now.
dikke kus

Pure Poison Emma necklace (April 2013 GG)

Pure Poison Teo Diamonds necklace

Pure Poison Tisuki necklace