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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Pages 210-218

News from Nitroglobus Gallery:

First of all I made a Facebook page for Nitroglobus gallery: https://www.facebook.com/nitroglobusgallery
Please join if you are interested in SL art.

Second: there is a super cool article in the latest issue of the AVENUE SL about Nitroglobus gallery on pages 210 - 218. Wow luv it, Nitro and I we are soo proud!


Last but not least: Lex, our DJ during opening parties in the gallery recently became interested in making machinimas. Here's one Nitro & I like muchly coz it's made in the 'Tunnel of Light' at Nitroglobus gallery. 

Here's the YOUTUBE url 
TY Lex! 

For all of you who cannot link to Youtube, here's another URL:
matterhornmedia.nl - NitroGlobus

Enjoy your weekend!
dikke kus

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