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Thursday, 7 January 2010


OMG skins there are so many awesome looking skins nowadays. They are getting more and more realistic. I love the nude, realistic looking skins, they are my favourites.
I am rather faithfull to my skin and wear the same for several weeks/months in a row (in the old days I wore them even longer). But.... I also love to try and change features when one of my favourite skin shops has new skin or a sale. Cannot deny a good skin. I simply have to go to the shop and try it....

During the lasts months I have been addicted to the skins of League (Misty), Tuli (Eva and Bella) and Dutch Touch (Cleo). Although now and then I have a fling for Exodi, Chai, Belleza, Rockberry, Redgrave, and a few others ;-)
My folder skins is a large one so I decided last week to clean and throw away a few of the freebee skins. Arghhh although I never wear them, it still was painfull to put them into the bin.

When I read the subscribo note from Dutch Touch that there was a SALE  going on (50% discount on several skins from the Dune, Mauve, Cleo and Jolie collection) I went to Dutch Touch immediately and... bought another DT skin. This time the sulky face Mauve, Extreme. Wow I really look like a spoilt brat.

DT skin Cleo, Smokey in Olive

DT skin Mauve, Xtreme in Olive

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