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Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Maya Empior

Yesterday evening I visited the Ancient Maya civilization. Wow what a place to visit. I admit it does take some time before you can enter: you have to read (at least some of) the extensive guidelines for this RP site, which are rather strict. For instance: only black or brown hair & no 'normal' clothes allowed. Mmm I am a dark haired girl 99% of the time so no problem for me.
The female outfit, including a tribal jewel is really awesome.

After reading the rules/explanation, getting a meter, clothes, a bow and arrows I entered the place. As a visitor you should wear a tag, which is part of the rather noob long black hair. Consider it my bad hair day when you spot me playing drums at the temple on the pictures below.I loved the place although my visit was of course far too short. I will return soon.

Dikke kus

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