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Monday, 25 January 2010

Japan here I come..

As I will be travelling to Japan in May (RL) I decided to get in the mood and visit Japanese sims in SL. I started at the sim of Hosoi Ichiba which is indicated in the overview on the Second Life website as a place worthwhile to visit.
Well it sure is, what an awesome place made with an eye for detail: lots of nice buildings, shops, many things to do, surprising pose balls, not a dull moment.
My friend Michiel joined me and we practised the marterial arts. We had so much fun. 

The music, the atmosphere it felt very Japanese. I took lots of pictures as did Michiel. Here are some to give you an impression of the sim. Do visit it's worthwhile and visit their blog.

A day later when I revisited I met Nani Yifu, she is the manager of the sim and has been for over 2 years. She gave me some tips for further exploring and websites to visit. Could not help taking these pics.

Dikke kus


  1. Thanks again for showing me this intriguing sim!

  2. Hey Dido, if you are around the neighbourhood again. I would like to ask you to visit the Harusaki Onsen on Japan Chubu. I have updated so much scenery lately I promise you will like it.


    Ami (from the Natherlands)