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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Impressed by Immersiva - Bryn Oh's creation

Last evening was one of those evenings when SL makes me truly feel happy. I was exploring (one of the reasons I joined SL in the first place) 'Immersiva' the sim of Bryn Oh, a virtual artist. Wow what a place!

What made me even more happy was that I met Bryn, she was very kind, showed me around and explained how to explore the place/follow the Rabbicorn story line: tp-ing from skybox to skybox one amazing scene following the other. Every place provides info by means of a poem (written by Bryn), sculptures of the rabbicorn and other creatures (all made by Bryn) and all hidden secrets. Well not gonna tell you all, go and find out yourself!

I truly love the place and stayed there till far after midnight. Arghh I could not tear myself away from the screen. I did my utmost to capture the beauty into some pictures, which of course is impossible. You really have to go and explore yourself. Don't forget to change your sky settings according to the instructions you can obtain when entering the sim. It adds to the atmosphere of the place. 

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