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Monday, 25 January 2010

Royal wedding at Westenguards

Now here is a long story so take a deep breath and .... enjoy.
Thanks so much my dear brother Zen for the awesome story you wrote and for asking me to accompany you to this royal wedding. I loved every minute of it!

Dikke kus

Story by Zen of Westenguard, my brother


This was to be a day to remember, I arrived at the chapel with Lady Dido. We stood in the back as there was no more room, a full turn out for such a Grand day. King Harkan Escorted the Princess in and gave her over to Arkan, the brave Man that had won it in Battle and, from finishing the quest as I did. I met him in battle on the field of honor just 7 days previous, he is an honorable Knight. He bested me and is helping me to learn even more now, like I said Honorable.

As he kneel at the altar and rises to accept the princess's hand, The prince Fion grew very sick, the king stepped in to finish the ceremony but, a lone man Raine of the O'Bellen clan stepped in and he asked to speak. The king allowed it, to find out he was there as a messenger to tell Princess Anu of the love Showkrum had for her. As he asked Anu to stop this wedding and be with Showkrum, the moment grew tense.

Would the man be taken away to the stocks? Anu spoke; she asked for his safety and admitted to the love shared by the two. She sat in tears at the altar, torn by the love for Showkrum and, the duty laid before her to her king and land. After some silence, she spoke; she had decided to follow through with the wedding so her people and king would be served with a man of great skills and honor.

As they left the church there was much rejoicing but, not without some heated tempers, a spell was cast on Raine of the O’Bellen by Now, Prince Arkan. It was a sleep spell, which allowed them a chance to get within the protected walls of the castle.

I made my way to the castle with Lady Dido, as we arrived to the gate we saw King Harkan in the courtyard with a very beautiful woman named Jadzia, she was Elven and, had with her two small babies, twin daughters. As we could not help but overheard due to our distance, the king smiled and held them sharing a smile of joy as they were HIS daughters. She is Elven, there laws direct, that once married, it is for life. She was thought to be lost and, the king remarried. All was not revealed until then that she was alive. I asked the King if Lady Dido and I could join him at the feast, he agreed. This woman Jadzia was also asked to join the festivities so, with daughters in her arms she proceeded to follow the king as we did.

When we arrived at the feast on the top of the castle, we walked into a very disturbing situation. Prince Arkan was on the roof as a Dragon, by him was the man Raine, as I recognized him from the wedding but, also from the tavern. With him was Showkrum Anu's Love. They were both heavily armed and asked to speak with Anu. I was without weapons as ordered by the king for the event; I was helpless to do anything. As I stood there desiring my sword and bow, Showkrum asked to speak to Anu, the king allowed it. Princess Anu reached for his hands and, with my own ears, I heard her say how much she loved him. She explained to him that, this was HER choice, for the sake of the kingdom, she must do her duty. Now without a love to take home, Showkrum and Raine find themselves in great peril. He shouted "I will jump from the wall" afraid for his life, just then Raine stopped him and they found themselves trapped by Arkan, in midflight. Nowhere to run, they stood there helpless, Just then Raine pulls out a green fog of magic and, the two disappeared.

Thinking that the moment was over we looked forward to sitting at the table to feast. It was exquisite, a beautiful table with food everywhere that could be seen, truly fit for a king. Just then, Queen Tess notices the woman Jadzia and, the two small babies with her. She became very flush and, as the truth came out of King Harkan’s wife being alive, she began to stew. As Jedzia mentioned the marriage of her and the king as still valid, Queen Tess became very angry and, heated words were exchange. The words came to blows and, there they were on the roof fighting. Pulling hair and screaming to each other, obscenities not to be spoken by a gentleman such as myself.

As soon as this started, on her wedding day, Anu jumped in between them to stop it. Anna came to her aid with a hidden dagger from her boot. Princess calmed them down some, and then Jadzia agreed to leave. This ended without bloodshed but, for how long was all I could think. Jadzia and the prince left with the Babies, shortly thereafter, with her emotions running rampant, Queen Tess decide to retire and she left. My mouth still open from what had just happened, the king said a few words and, gave the two his blessing but, said he must go after the Queen, they agreed.

After the King had left, Lady Dido decided (as we were all but ignored by the goings on), to leave so we took our leave with heavy hearts. There is much pain on a day that should have been filled with much joy. 

I couldn’t help but wonder for the kingdom, What will come of these two helpless baby girls as they are now in line to the throne, what would become of Queen Tess’s anger as whispers were exchanged between her and Jadzia that no one could hear. What would the life of Princess Anu be without the man she loved and, what would Prince Arkan do to find this Showkrum, what would be his fate? So many questions all without answers, the kingdom has a hole in its heart at the moment and, I fear for the royal future.

This was what I witnessed this day, I can only pray that the king will find a way to bring peace to his own family, as he has for the kingdom. Only time will tell.....

Zen of Westenguard.

As witnessed, this day of our King Harkan, January, 24th

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