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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sitting on a fence...

Halloween must be close coz I received this skin gift and arghhh it's bloody and looks pretty weirdo. Sitting on a fence (with 10 different poses all very cute), which is a gift of Glitterati.

Wearing lots of new stuff:

cStar Miss Hallowtober*2010 Edition Pale skin
League Native Dress, Necklace and Waist Tie-Belt (Project Themeory, with this week subject 'Birds and Beasts')
Ankle boots R2 Pumehana elua Orange

Stuff from my invent:
L.Fauna Dimples Freckles Pale (FLF) 
MINA hair Lulu dark chocolate
Poetic Color eyes Easter Lilac (freebie)

Have a nice weekend!
Dikke kus

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