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Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Hi, I am back on a temp internet connection (my neighbour was so kind to let me use hers)
I intended to blog this post about Aspen, the new ReBourne prefab last Wednesday 14th December, however my internet connection died and the other day I left for London (I had an awesome time there btw ^^). 
Well, bit late but hope you enjoy, coz Aspen it sure is an awesome place!

the loft with the awesome green sofa (those pose balls arghhh ^^)

couldn't get enough of that sofa ...

Aspen the new prefab of ReBourne: I love all the other prefabs Suite and Danny made it's so well done; the textures, the colors, the light/shadow, the atmosphere, those details I love it!
I took too many pictures of Aspen; loved to play on the green sofa (mesh and low prim with awesome poseballs ^^), beds, carpet and bubble bath you can try it all. But go and have a look yourselves here's your taxi

classy outfit by Amerelo Manga
Amerelo Manga Overall Marcelle, which comes including the nice belt and the fur awwww I sure love that fur collar: too cute, of course it's artificial virtual fur so no worries ^^  
Ferrishyn make-up delicious greys (eye shadow)  NEW

From my closet:
Enkythings Ekota-T chocolate brown shoes
RedMint skin Pale no 07
Fri.day hair tatum - Moody Brown
Angelic Tattoo Freedom

dikke kus

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