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Friday, 2 December 2011

Xmas is on it's way

DrD red leather corset punk

Sorry but now it's too late to come up with text sooo I just give you the details of what I'm wearing. 

Anymore Overall ripped black
H&E (Heaven & Earth) Calisto shape
HoD The Crosary bracelet v4 (sales going on there right now)
DrD bootslazy Xmas NEW - adore them!!
DrD red leather Corset punk  
Vive Nine vintage bands jumper - RunDMC (not wearing all sculpted parts) - vintage fair item

DrD Xmas boots 

HoD The Crosary bracelet

From my closet:
LouLou&Co Crepuscule bracelet and gloves
A Birdsong webed silver rings
Addiction Forget You Not Locket necklace
Angelic tattoo Freedom
Truth hair Marielle - quince
Dutch Touch JoLiE skin V2 cream - smokey (closing sales; see my blog post on DT)

dikke kus

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