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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Winter Mouse Liss

Turned into Winter Mouse Dido ^^ Showing a NEW Graffitiwear outfit with mouse ears and ditto tail with a small red bow. Luv it, especially the mouse hat and mittens are soo nice.

Also wearing a for me new skin; Siss Boom-wind chill skin. Nice face with reddish cheeks and lovely body. Don't you think I am a very young and innocent mouse with this skin ..... There is a skin Sales going on at Siss Boom so hurry coz I don't know when it will end. Here's your taxi. The skin comes with brow and shape, but to be honest I didn't like the shape that much so only showing the skin.

MINA has another new hair called Liss it comes with a hud that changes the color of the hair and let you resize. I like this scruffy hair; soo Mina! 

dikke kus

A thank you to the designers for their awesome bloggers review items!

Siss boom-wind chill skin (body freckles)
Graffitiwear Christmas Mouse outfit  
MINA hair Liss 
SO (Secret Oktober) Cold as Ice 2 earrings

NEW MINA hair Liss with beanie
From my closet:
G*Field Srap shoes Alex red
Addiction Forget You Not Locket necklace
A Birdsong Webed silver rings
Angelwing coin silks white nose ring
HoD The Crosary bracelet
Angelic Tattoo Freedom

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