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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Moments in Time; new exhibit at Nitroglobus Gallery

Phew I worked my butt off these last days for the new exhibition 'Moments in Time' at Nitroglobus Gallery. I made lots of posters to announce the exhibit of my partner Nitro Fireguard and mmm finally choose one with Nitro on it; simply but effective.

The exhibit is really awesome: on display are during the month of October several RL 'silicons' Nitro made as well as work of former exhibitors Ini Inaka, PetsiKat Markova, Yoko Ireto and Gitu Aura. And btw ... I was asked to contribute 2 works too ^^

Nitro describes the silicons as follows: 
'Walking in the streets of Paris and finding a bit of a toy, and old ID picture, a piece of earring, a telephone chip, a feather, a decayed tooth, a dried insect… 
The memory investigation starts and after a melting in silicon it is there: a Moment in Time'.

To give you an idea I included a detail of one of his silicons, awesome isn't it?

Here some try outs of posters I made; mmm I rather like them ^-^

You are all invited of course to visit the exhibition. Lemme give you a taxi

And yes yes, there will be an opening party of course. Mmmm think this will be around 15th October coz ...you know what that's the day one year ago Nitro and I met for the first time in SL at 'The Path'
So celebration time it is!

dikke kus and wishing you a supa weekend!

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