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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Scoop: KAT ... rawrrrrrr

NEW and not available yet (wow I have the scoop) MINA mesh hair and mask KAT. KAT (= Dutch for cat) has a build in hud to change the hair color and a non-rigged mask, so you can change the size. I really adore this mask/hair, haven't taken it off since Mina asked me to test it last weekend, glued to my pixel head ^^

Mina made this item for Cinema 2012, which will start October 13th and will be an elaborately themed sim-wide event centered around one of our favorite past times… movies! Read more on: hottiecooterati.com/events/cinema-2012/
MINA's theme is btw action/adventure.

Of course I had to find a matching outfit to complete the picture and found in my closet the SD Wears Hot Topic outfit. Not new but great quality textures: shiny leather and beautiful lace revealing nipples just yummie!  

I completed the picture with my newly acquired Slink Margot ballet slippers in red. These ballet slippers are an add on to the Slink mesh barefeet. It was love at first sight, had to have them. Will return to buy the black ones too I think ^^ 

MINA hair KAT for Cinema 2012 (not yet released ... hope Mina won't kill me now)
Slink Margot Ballet slippers red (add on to the Slink mesh feet)
Slink womens natural barefeet mesh rigged 
SD Wears Hot Topic Black leather outfit (not new)
K&L Crimson Kitty Fluffy Tail
The Body co. Summer skin
Mayfly Liquid Light eyes Pale True Grey
Mandala mesh Pearl rain season bracelet Maple black 
SLAVE Fantasy eyes makeup
!SSD Frills Bijou Roulette earrings

dikke kus

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