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Sunday, 7 October 2012

We joined the Circus (Noir)

Yeah, Nitro and I we joined the Circus (Noir)*
Fairy, designer/co-owner of Circus Noir is a friend and when I met her yesterday in Nitroglobus Gallery she was wearing the newest CN creation; the Harlequin dress. Aww, I had to have it coz it's really awesome. 
The mesh dress comes with a (non mesh) collar with bells, hat with bells, staff and striped stockings with lotsa holes. Great outfit for a great price (L$ 250).

Nitro has been a fan of the Circus Noir for ages. On the photo he is wearing their bat hat and male baggy pants (both not new). Oops the baggy pants is rather dirty, lotsa stains yak yak, lol he forgot to wash it ^^
So hey hey what about our circus act.

dikke kus


* about the Circus Noir:
Fairy and Doodle are the 'Noire sisters' i.e. designers/co-owners of Circus Noir.

As in the story of Alice, at Circus Noir, they make it a practice to believe at least six impossible things before breakfast.

If you're a bit unusual, if people don't quite know what to make of you, or if you have a taste for things that are clockwork, gothic, and off the beaten path, then Circus Noir is the place for you.

There is an MM board, a lucky cage, a red light district and a dance cloud. You can have your fortune told, swing on a trapeze, take your picture riding an elephant, or visit the freakshow. 


  1. Not to forget that the bat hat gives you a handy bunch of expressing faces that help to forget about the washing. That explain also why I could show that big smile while watching you dancing in your Harlequin outfit! Dikke kus

    1. Oops yeah sorry I didn't mention that sweetie ^^
      Thx for your comments on this blog post!
      gros bisous