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Monday, 15 October 2012

Nitroglobus Gallery movie

Great short movie Nitro uploaded this weekend of Yoko her exhibition 'Nudes' at Nitroglobus gallery last August. Luv it!

dikke kus

text by Nitro (YouTube):
Yoko Ireto has been making photography her main occupation in her Second Life. She appears to be in the quest of a reality which may be in between this virtual world. She kept exploring the insides of virtual bodies using the few avatars of her intimate circle. One could be facing the underlying crack between desires and passion for life, a question that may be crucial when healing from heartache. 
Virtual visitors of the gallery had a chance to stir their own feelings while experiencing these not so innocent images.

Music by AM Forte, 
recorded in Second Life at the Two Roses Café by Nitro Fireguard
Image and editing by Nitro Fireguard
Recorded at Nitroglobus Gallery, Costa Blanco, Second Life
Nitroglobus Gallery is managed by Dido Haas.

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