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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Falling for Autumn

Great total outfit from H.E.D. called Falling for Autumn, which exists of:
  • the mesh falling for autumn poncho in several sizes with alpha layer. Wow, great quality this poncho and very detailed too.
  • the Henley dark green long shirt and bottom part of the shirt in all layers  
  • jeans in pants layer
  • brown as well as green 'wear under poncho' layer 
  • Monica boots chocolate, including alpha layer and HUD to stretch the boots
Yep a really well made and super fitting outfit and although the shirt and jeans are no mesh items, I really like them; great colors and textures. 

Not showing you the Monica boots coz I preferred to combine with the COCO gift Suede boots in brown ^^

Although I usual stick to my own 'Dido shape' I am at this moment totally in luv with Angel shape of Anna Shapes. It's on sale at Flawless & Hunt Harvest event that ends on November 7th. For 500 L$ you buy the Angel Shape pack, consisting of 3 sizes: Small, Normal and Model (wearing Model in the photos).

Here's your taxi to the event.

dikke kus

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