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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Gothly Queen

Totally in love with AD (AngelsDemons) Creations of Aliza Karu. 
Sooo for the party last nite I didn't have to think twice; I bought the awesome My Gothly Queen mesh dress. The folder comes with a mesh skirt + a flexi one (I am wearing both the flexi on top of the mesh one), a mesh collar, a mesh corset and a sculpted hat.
I like Aliza her designs they are non-mainstream, creative and well made. Her shop is an adventure itself.   

It was a super party with great music (hugs DJ Lex!), lots of enthusiastic  visitors and a good atmosphere. Thx to all who visited!
Oh and in case you couldn't make it last evening, no worries coz the exhibition 'Moments in Time' will be at the walls of Nitroglobus Gallery for the entire month of October.
Dikke kus

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