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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Stumble (over a) hot 'n spicy slip dress

Wow am I sexy or am I sexy? Cann't see myself so asking you dear reader ^^
I was in a spending mode yesterday evening and bought this really awesome  Sn@tch velvet mesh slip dress (wearing red). It caught my attention a while ago and I kept the shop notecard. 
Yesterday, I decided to get a demo and ... phew it fitted so well, the lovely texture, the colors and the sexy design all awesome .. sooo I bought it, yeah! Moreover, at Sn@tch I don't have to decide which color to buy coz you receive all in your size! Supa!

Also new is the rigged mesh Magika Stumble hair, which comes with the blindfold. The folder contains: 

  • three sizes of hair
  • an alpha layer to hide eventual bald spots 
  • a hud to easily switch between hair colors and
  • a texture change blindfold in six colors (wearing brown)
I didn't buy Magika hair for a while but Stumble is really really nice; luv this long loose tail.

Last but not least my sweetie bought me a lovely present yesterday: the new Vista AO 'Hot 'N Spicy'; sooooo no poses, but using my new cool uh 'hot 'n spicy' AO.

The rest all comes from my invent. Pictures taken at Nitroglobus Labs, my home.
dikke kus

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