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Friday, 14 December 2012

Pieces of Cica at Nitroglobus Galllery

Cica has definitely her own style. She became rather well-known after her first  installation 'Black and White World' at LEA13 
Nitro and I, we loved it as many others did, and therefore we are super proud to present 'Pieces of Cica', her new installation at Nitroglobus Gallery. 

Cica's theme 'Explore the World in Black and White' is present again in this new exhibit: there are trees, flowers moving to the wind, a cat, a lot of stairs, figures walking  and cycling, birds and butterflies, benches to relax and a lot more to enjoy.

Cica, who lives in Serbia, is a person who likes to create her own world. Curiosity brought Cica to SL and she obviously likes it since she has been in SL for over 2 years now. In Second Life (SL) Cica started by drawing things that were in her mind as she used to do when she came back from school. 

Cica's spontaneous creativity was boosted by the vast possibilities of SL. At first Cica was drawing for fun just to decorate her home or to make pictures. Some of those decals she has on the market (her Inworld store), like flowers, crow, cat and tree.  
Then she started drawing ''herself'' like ''Cica and flower'', Cica and rain'', ''Cica and crow''     

It took her a while to learn how to build though. At first she wasn't interested and it took a year before she began to build, thanks to a friend who inspired her and taught her many things.
When she found out she could make animated textures that opened a whole new world. She started drawing and drawing and with every new animation she got new ideas; it was like drawing a life. 
Soon her little platform became too small for the many ideas she had.

After LEA now Nitroglobus Gallery offers Cica a platform to exhibit her creativity. It goes without saying that we are proud to have her at our gallery!
Curious? Here's your taxi to our galllery.

gros bisous and dikke kus
Nitro and Dido

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