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Friday, 21 December 2012

Xmas Girl

Almost Xmas and for me the holidays started 1 hour ago lasting till Thursday coz then I have to work again :-(
Soooo much nice Xmas stuff and other newishness around I simply couldn't resist blogging some. Here we go:

Mayfly Liquid Light Mesh eyes Myrtle Green Shadow. Awww I luvvv Mayfly eyes! Certainly worthwhile to visit their shop coz they have an awesome GG; the Liquid Light eyes Vivid Blue.
Miamai Sia gown, Xmas GG. Wow, what a nicely made sexy gown this is! Cool.
MINA hair Babette which comes with the Mina Hud so you can change the color and resize the hair. Super!

Poses come from my Vista AO 'Hot & Spicey'

From my closet:
Maitreya Radical mesh boots Red Reptile
Slink mesh hands Elegant
Anna Shapes Angel Model
The Body co skin Summer 03
Mandala bracelet pearl rain season 2 maple black
S*E (Sparkly Ephelant) Part-Che tattoo Wildflowers
KOOQLA Winterbloom facial tattoo in black
!SSD Frils Bijou Roulette earrings

dikke kus

Photos taken at Nitroglobus Gallery where atm is an awesome installation by Cica Ghost called 'Pieces of Cica'. Do come and visit you won't regret! 
Here's your taxi.

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