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Saturday, 22 December 2012

CICA outfits

Hey hey, if you didn't know yet I will tell you NOW .... coz this great artist Cica who is exhibiting at Nitroglobus Gallery atm, hey she makes outfits toooo! And great ones if you ask me.

Showing two of her creations in the pics shown above:
on top the Cica Star dress and second photo is showing her newest outfit the Cica Dark Lady dress

Yeah I know Cica is having her installation 'Pieces of Cica' at Nitroglobus Gallery atm, however ...... this got nothing to do with her skills as a designer, this is FASHION lol!

I truly love the outifts shown above; they are original and nicely made. I adore the lace, fabulously made! 
Her outfits come including gloves, stockings and hats (aww I adore her hats!) 

Here's your taxi to her shop. Do visit you'll luv it!

dikke kus

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