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Monday, 10 August 2009


Me... and how I will spent my evening in the days to come I am afraid: staring at my little chickens. They are so cute. I had 2 eggs to start with and they hatched last evening, however grrrr I had an 'original' male and a 'new wave' female, which I named Kylia btw. Don't know how to name the booster, tried several times. Grrr now I cannot breed.

I contacted my friend Kylia and late last evening she gave me 2 New Wave eggs, which I started to hatch immedidately (far tooo late -long after midnight- it was when the chickens were born: 2 roosters). Arghhh they will fight together, I need females ;-(
Again with these ones, I could not give them a name and I found out .... they are New Wave version 12. Kylia, the hen, is a version 11 New Wave hen. OMG version management. Arghhhh drives me crazy already. Help!

Have to confess ..... I did something awfull ... I killed the 'original chicken' (it died 'unnamed', sob it was so cute). I blame the lack of prims. I could not rezz the chicken menu anymore with 4 chickens and knew I had to get rid of the 'Original' rooster anyway. But is that a good reason to kill such a sweet little chicken? I really felt quilty afterwards.

I will contact my friend Kylia and ask her for a little help. This morning when peeking in to see my little ones I noticed the food is for version 11sub or something. Well I do hope my unnamed 2 version 12 roosters can eat it. The above proves you better buy a starter package and save yourself a lot of frustration and worries.

Will be continued.

Dikke kus