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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Formal night

Last night (Tuesday, 25th August) was formal night at Key West Resort (The Wave). Lovely to notice that everybody had dressed up.
I was wearing my Zaara evening gown. I went there with my Canadian friend Wordsmith, who of course wore a tux. I let him choose the colour of my dress: red it was.
We had great fun, lovely music, walzing the night away. Well that was until Words had to leave.

There was a best dressed contest and guess what..... Yeah I won, split 1st place with Loriii (she is the girl in the white dress dancing behind me on the picture above).
I was happy with the price: 500 L$ wow! Thanks to all who voted for me, among them a girl who IM-ed me before the voting started and said 'I will vote for you, you look stunning, you European girls beat us'). I had to think of my friend Nereisse who describes herself as 'classy non-American (or at least loves being called one ^_^) in her blog.

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