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Wednesday, 26 August 2009


The past weeks I investigated the issue of escorting. Dido as an escort is that an option?
A lot of q
uestions popped up like: will I be able to go with any guy that wants me to, dare I ask them for money ...? Questions I seeked to answer by trial and error .....

The thought came up when something strange happened to me. I was dancing alone at Sleek's, investigating for my job-to-be as a host at JAGGERS, when all of a sudden I received a rather over enthousiastic IM from a guy telling me how nice it was to see me again after such a long time.
Of course after spotting him I checked his profile, however this did not ring a bell (yeah I know my memory is awfull). Anyway I asked where we had met in the past. He promissed to tell me later and.... gave me 3000 L$ and a little later another 3000 L$. He told me to go shopping, buy red lingerie and strip for him .... Arghhh I was puzzled and before I could analyse the situation, he offered friendship and left, telling me he had to work in RL.
There I was a few minutes later, 5500 L$ richer and puzzled what to do. I was intrigued who was this guy, where did we met....
I had returned 500 L$ telling him to buy hair, as he was bold and looked like a noob, although his rezz year mentioned 2007. Asked him if he was an alt, nope was the answer.

Mmmm I had several options: return the money or go shopping and buy nice things for a stripping. So ..... I went to Blowpop and bought red lingerie and a few pair of Bax Coen ankle boots ;-)

This started the idea of escorting. I told my friend Sparks and he mentioned the Escort Lounche (EL). He advised me on how to behave ('never IM a guy, wait till he IMs you') and what to wear. He got rather frustrated by me trying on all kind of sexy stuff and not listening to his advise. Had so much fun.

I went to EL, feeling rather akward, standing there at the entrance of the club, waiting for some guy to IM me. Feeling rather silly and bored after a while. But then a nice guy IM-ed me and we talked. He had to leave but I felt ok and started to enjoy. Until now I have met interesting guys there, who tell me they are not looking for an escort at all, but are just wandering around looking for nice people to meet (sure... ;-)
Btw of course there are also sleazy guys at EL, asking me if I do webcam, voice, have RL nude pics etc
I tell them 'no' and they stop bothering me.

So now and then you can find me dancing at the pole at EL trying to earn some money. But an escort... am I an escort now? 

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