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Thursday, 6 August 2009

combi more

Combinations are great fun:

Today I received an ICING Group Gift called Robot Love, existing of a grey knitten bolero sweater and an old rose/brownish red/eggplant (difficult to describe the colour) dress. The dress is nice but not special it has a bow sash on the back and the bolero has a silver closure.
In the other picture you see my Surf Couture Cabana dress tan/cranberry. In the pics above I wear the complete outfits as described. Except for the bow sash, with I added to the Cabana dress.

Now in the pic left above I combined the top and undies of the Cabana dress with the skirt and slash bow of the Robot Love dress. Wow same colours, looks super.
Combined with my red bax boots AND... another group gift I received today: Fishnet high thighs Morgana. Aren't they cute with the with skulls.

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