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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Making a turn.....

Dido with the lovely earrings (groupgift Zaara), my favourite skin at the moment (Redgrave Jennifer) and Detour hair, hazy black. I love this pic had to blog it ;-)

These last days I cleaned my inventory, threw away lots of notecards, read a couple of emotional ones from the past and started cleaning my landmarks. OMG sooooo many, I tried a few and when I was at an Italian dancing place I received an IM from Miche.
I met Miche this weekend at a dance place where we both were watching and listening. I looked around making a 360 degree turn and he sent me an IM saying he liked my turn. Anyway, Miche IM'ed me and I tp-ed him over to the dancing place. We had a lovely dance and chat, talking about our SL past and present. Here's a pic of us dancing yesterday.

I met him again today and took him to Thassa. We took a boat trip, exploring the place and had a relaxed time in a hammock.
Btw the last pic of Dido hanging on a tree I took after he left, I could not resist the poseball ;-) Fun!

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