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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

crying, black swan and more...

So nice pics pfff I have to blog them but what theme... no idea sooooo I make an overall blog with my adventures of the last week. The pics shown above were taken at my friend Ner's sandbox. You see me crying my eyes out ahum. I wear the Tuli Meridith Maya skin (I call this my 'crying my eyes out' skin) and a super sexy sweat shirt and pants, which was a Twisted and Spoiled group gift.

On Monday this week I went exploring with my friend Pietertje: we took a boat and I was so stupid to hump onto the steering place. Grrr hard work, however nice pics ;-)
I am wearing the gorgeous blouse of Bare Rose (part of the Duet outfit).

Black Swan, what an awesome place! However not for long as it will close down soon, but before that there was an enormous fashion show with lots of famous designers participating. I went there to take some pics.
Wearing my Surf Couture red Driftwood tank (very sexy) & the lovely Surf Couture Cabana dress tan/cranberry. The black jeans are from Zaara.

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