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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Chickens II

Omg my hen Kylia is producing eggs ..... one egg a day. Have to stop her otherwise I will be out of prims soon. My roosters Sparks and Morten are angry, pffff was just in time yesterday to save them as the level of their anger was almost 100%, which kills them. Morten was at 95 and Sparks at 79%, that old devil Sparks won't give up. I had to laugh imagining them sitting in the coop. Sorry, guys I have a vivid imagination ;-)

Anyway, I took care of the egg and divided the roosters by a fence, which reduced their anger. I noticed this morning there was another egg .... arghhh Kylia is a virtile creature. Soo funny, but mmm willl cost me time to manage all this. I asked my friend Words, who just moved to another skybox with an excellent chicken proof toproof if he could take some of my chickens to breed. He bluntly refused, cold-hearted man.

I checked my messages a few minutes ago and ..... another egg. Omg I won't be in time to stop it from hatching. See I have to hire a chicken manager soon.

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