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aanhef blog

Thursday, 6 August 2009

my Sgt. Pepper jacket

Inspired by an SL magazine I bought this jacket (Milk Motion, my admiral jacket). I love it as it has so many possibilities. For instance combined with a black mini skirt (Elate) and golden top ([VG] Y-strap layered tank banana) and the Corazon stockings of LeeZu (group gift) or more sexy with a black jeans from Zaara, my Huz Tatts Kanji tattoos and a nice belt (right).

And I am sure there are many more combinations, for instance with a legging and a straight mini black skirt (advise of my friend Nereisse, who has great taste AND knowledge of where to find fashionable quality clothes in SL! - see her contributions in The SL Fashionist blog).

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